Introducing: StagePageApp

StagePage is an awesome new way to capture, save, and share all of your concert experiences as a virtual collage memory page.

“Presenting a high-tech alternative to yesterday’s shoeboxes, it aims to provide live music fans with a tool for creating colorful collages of photos, videos and playlists that can be preserved for posterity.” – Rolling Stone

“If you are an iPhone-toting concert lover, chances are you’re going to love this upcoming iPhone app..” -App Advice

“Many of us already take pictures and record video at shows using a smartphone …. But that stuff gets stored along with the rest of our random media. This idea of putting it all into a dedicated, organized app like this makes sense.”

“…this app is a sure-fire hit. It’s simple, but the entire concept of carrying all your concert memories in your iPhone is a winner in itself. With a few swipes on StagePage, you’ll be able to go on a nostalgic trip to the best times of your life.” -Appdictions

Keep live music alive by using the StagePage app every time you go to concert , and when you want to take a trip down your live music memory lane. .Just follow the icons to upload mementos, pictures and more. Then, share with your StagePage masterpiece with your friends on social media sites or email.

+ Upload a picture of your ticket stub and crop to ticket shape
+ Upload concert pics
+ Upload video from the show
+ Edit photos and videos by cropping, incorporating special effects, rotating and more
+ Document who was there
+ Add the concert set list
+ Add commentary/observations from the show
+ Pick a background for your StagePage from multiple choices
+ Return to your scrolling list of StagePages at any time and click on each to view

StagePage is a virtual concert scrapbook, journal, or diary that you can share with your friends.

Please contact with any comments or questions.

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