5 Tips For a Rockin’ StagePage

1. USE THE COMMENTS SECTION -One common thing I see in the StagePages I come across, is in relation to the torn piece of paper space that is intended for comments about the show. Make sure you put something in that space to make the StagePage complete, otherwise it will default to the instructions which just doesn’t look as cool as your own personal comments.

2. SETLIST – That space can also be used to put in the setlist (which looks great on the StagePage by the way), as we designed that space to look like a torn set list being taped down with a piece of electrical tape.  However, I want to make sure that all the StagePagers know that there is a separate tab at the bottom of the screen.  There are 3 icons in the bottom right corner of the app.  The second one is the Set List tab.  Once that opens  type in the songs that were played and save.

3.  CHOOSE A BACKGROUND– There are backgrounds to choose from you know? The background icon is the first of the 3 on the bottom right.  There are 6 to choose from.  Pick the one that fits the show or your personality the best.

4. GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR PICS- If the venue is especially cool, make sure you grab a shot of a sign or marquee.  This can add sentimental value to you StagePage.  Did you get a cool pass or autograph at the show- add that too!  Use the Aviary software in the app to crop and make other effects too!  Make sure you grab a pic of your ticket stub or wristband for the center pic.  

5.  USE THE PEOPLE YOU WENT WITH FEATURE- The 3rd icon in the far bottom right hand corner with 2 people is where you can add separate photos of the people you went to the show with.  The are 4 templates with up to 4 slots to add pics of your crew.  This part of the app is not shared when you SHARE your StagePage to social media sites or through email.


I’ve seen some superb StagePages out in Twitter land.  Keep them coming!

RollingStone Fan Blog

I love Rolling Stone.  Always have.  I started subscribing to it decades ago, and still get excited to see it in my mailbox all these years later.  Everything about it is cool; the articles, the pictures, their “lists”, the layout, even the fonts- cool, rocking, awesome, fab, and (did I mention?) cool.  If you are not a subscriber, you should definitely check out their website.  You can access tons of great content for free.

One of my highlights of this year was when StagePage was covered on their blog on their website.  The notion of getting the approval from such an incredible music publication only validated the “coolness” of StagePage- plus, I just always wanted to be in Rolling Stone (albeit as an artist, but those were teenage dreams).

Recently, RollingStone has started a fan inspired blog on their website which allows us music junkies to share our concert photos, StagePages, playlists, and other content via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #RSFans.  Try it out, especially with your next StagePage creation.  Who knows, you too may wind up on RollingStone!




Make the Most Out of Your StagePage Concert Pics


In a recent interview with Live Fix Media, I mentioned that while hopefully your finished StagePage creation is greater than the sum of its parts, it may be difficult to shoot award-winning concert  pictures with your iPhone. That said, Apple continues to make the iPhone capabilities better and better, making it possible to get some fantastic, high quality shots at shows.

At StagePage, while the memory and memorabilia of the concert are obviously of the utmost importance, we also want to make sure our fellow music lovers are enjoying the show and living in the moment.  StagePage gives you the best of both worlds, allowing your to create a great memory page with just a few key pieces of media that takes no time at all to create.

Check out this great piece on How to Shoot Better Concert Photos by professional concert photographer Todd Owyoung.  Take some time to look at his incredible work on his site as well!

As always, please share your StagePages on Twitter or Facebook, or email them to me at alexa@stagepageapp.com.



StagePage Featured in “What’s Hot” Music Category in the App Store!

To those of you concert lovers who have been some of StagePage’s earliest fans, thank you! Because of you, StagePage is growing quickly, and today I was thrilled to see that we have been chosen as one of the App Store’s “What’s Hot” music apps!  If you haven’t done so already, please help us stay sizzling hot by telling your favorite music loving friends to try out the app.