RollingStone Fan Blog

I love Rolling Stone.  Always have.  I started subscribing to it decades ago, and still get excited to see it in my mailbox all these years later.  Everything about it is cool; the articles, the pictures, their “lists”, the layout, even the fonts- cool, rocking, awesome, fab, and (did I mention?) cool.  If you are not a subscriber, you should definitely check out their website.  You can access tons of great content for free.

One of my highlights of this year was when StagePage was covered on their blog on their website.  The notion of getting the approval from such an incredible music publication only validated the “coolness” of StagePage- plus, I just always wanted to be in Rolling Stone (albeit as an artist, but those were teenage dreams).

Recently, RollingStone has started a fan inspired blog on their website which allows us music junkies to share our concert photos, StagePages, playlists, and other content via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #RSFans.  Try it out, especially with your next StagePage creation.  Who knows, you too may wind up on RollingStone!